Play-to-earn gaming distributed development.

SXM is a distributed development infrastructure protocol that enables artists, gameplay programmers, and community members to contribute to an evolving protocol and be rewarded for their efforts commensurately.

The Importance of Community Opinion

Web2 games were fantastic, and most of our contributors warmly recall days spent glued to a Starcraft screen or hanging with pals over Counterstrike. Games are fundamentally human experiences, and the idea of what is fun is highly subjective. Web2, by necessity, shielded the public from the majority of development, since too much user input is hard to parse, IP is difficult to build a moat around, and there were few (if any) incentives for non-technical participants to share their ideas.

Enter distributed development. With the advent of web3, it has become increasingly practical to incentivize disparate collections of individuals in a scalable, inclusive, and trustless manner. Coupled with some unique software developments built on the backs of giants like Github, we saw an opportunity to build a platform to align the incentives of those who care most about the gameplay (the players) with those who care most about the monetization (the developers) in a way that ties the entire production chain together.

This is the infrastructure protocol that is SXM DAO. SXM enables three classes of individuals to participate in game development:

  • Developers (those who code, draw, or otherwise create)

  • Ideators (those who imagine, suggest, or otherwise ideate)

  • Voters (those who play and express an opinion for or against)

Through a relatively straightforward forum-based suggestion voting process, individual's ideas are vetted by the community, and, if they gather enough momentum, are eventually picked up by a developer who wishes to earn some set reward for satisfactory completion of the task.

This core development loop is enabled by a robust suite of enterprise-grade software tools on the backend that distributed developers (programmers and artists alike) can use to store, push, and pull assets and code repositories.

In simplest terms, the SXM protocol pays:

  • Ideators to suggest new game components or adjustments

  • Voters to participate in the vetting of those ideas

  • Developers to execute faithfully and to the satisfaction of the community


We are employing a suite of high-powered AAA game producers and developers to initiate the incubation of certain projects during the development of the core DAO economic loop. These projects will largely be collaborations with existing IP to leverage the power of distributed consensus in combining existing assets in new and exciting ways.

Over time, the SXM protocol will become completely decentralized as the governing tokens move into the hands of the individuals participating in the system. It is at that point that we expect remarkably creative inventions to spring forth from the protocol, and we are positively ecstatic to see what the community is capable of building.

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