Kapital DAO

Play-to-earn community gaming frameworks.
Kapital DAO both 1) provides web3 guild scaling tech and 2) operates as a massive play-to-earn guild itself.

Scaling Web3 Gaming

The Kapital DAO is composed of two halves:
  • a guild management protocol (both on-chain and off-chain), aka "Guild-as-a-Service"
  • a massive gaming guild
Learn more about the Kapital DAO using the whitepaper the site at
The guild management protocol enables guilds of any size to safely delegate permissions for all web3 gaming operational activities to any submanagers, trustlessly. This means that investors and admins save hours and hours of worktime on frustratingly slow transactions, and also avoid having to trust certain assistants with full unfettered access to wallets.
That protocol is used by guilds to rapidly scale up their operations, and the Kapital DAO takes a cut of total transaction volume. Additionally, the Kapital DAO permits one-click DAO deployment for guilds who wish to tokenize, which enables such guilds to immediately convert into a massively scalable operation backed by real on-chain token governance and treasury staking setups. The Kapital DAO retains a small portion of those DAO deployments as a fee.
Then, the Kapital DAO uses those exact management tools and token contracts to scale its own web3 gaming guild operations seamlessly. Those guild operations include in-game player activities that general native token yield, early seed-stage investments via decentralized decision making, eSports talent cultivation and sponsorships, and community-driven charity engagement.
In the simplest terms, the Kapital DAO recognizes revenue from:
  • management protocol fees
  • one-click DAO deployment token cuts
  • in-game player operations
  • early seed-stage investments in AAA web3 games