Playground Labs

Building the infrastructure of the metaverse.
Playground Labs brings digital productivity to life in the metaverse. By developing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and play-to-earn gaming protocols within the virtual world, Playground Labs builds next-generation infrastructure for the virtual economy and enables everyone to generate real economic utility by playing the games they love.


We aim to construct robust and scalable infrastructure within web3 gaming ecosystems to support users and developers alike. These infrastructure protocols are designed to ultimately become DAOs, and are set to become fully decentralized over a period of years. We address issues around access to developer tooling, community participation, and sustainable tokenomics, which we view as the three critical pillars of the next growth explosion inside web3.


See Projects for a current list of the protocols we contribute to.
We are currently active in distributed game development infrastructure and cloneable play-to-earn guild frameworks. Our first two protocol contributions, SXM DAO and Kapital DAO, were born out of our desire to enable greater community participation at scale, supported by sustainable tokenomics models.
The protocols we contribute to have a heavy emphasis on generating cash flows by (1) offering distributed services that drive new partnership tokens back to DAO treasuries and (2) participating in player-driven gameplay economies with strong yield profiles.
Our team is composed of crypto natives, serial startup participants, traditional finance executives, and academics. We are laser-focused on scalability, transparency, and sustainability of value within the web3 space, and could not possibly be more excited to be contributing to these protocols.
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